Ranger a class armed with skill of Archery. They use their agile arrows to protect nature while being elegent and also Fatal.
Diffuculty : ★★★★☆          Available Races : Elves & Demon

Tormentor 了解更多>>

In their quest to purge the world of all sinners, they inflict the most painful of torture on their enemies.
Diffuculty : ★★★★☆          Available Races : Demon

Blood Raiders live in hatred and destruction. They are fearless warriors, willing to destroy their enemies by harming themselves for more power
Diffuculty : ★★★★★          Available Races : Lycans & Kindred

Agile and graceful, Bards play melodious music to inspire their allies and frighten their enemies.
Diffuculty : ★★★★☆          Available Races : Elves

Assassin 了解更多>>

Assassins are agile killers who love light weapons and dark nights.
You'll never see them coming!
Diffuculty : ★★★★★          Available Races : Lycans, Kindred & Humans

Warrior 了解更多>>

Warriors are powerful melee fighters with a versatile arsenal of powerful skills.
Diffuculty : ★★★★★          Available Races : Elves & Humans

Mages are masters of devastating magic who were drawn to its power and now spread its chaos.
Diffuculty : ★★★☆☆          Available Races : Kindred & Humans

Priests are support casters that excel at healing and supporting their allies.
They harness the power of the gods to heal the wounded & protect the weak
Diffuculty : ★★★☆☆          Available Races : Lycans, Elves & Humans

Vampire 了解更多>>

Vampires can deal massive damage instantly, heal themselves and shapeshift. They are more powerful than you can imagine.
Diffuculty : ★★★★☆          Available Races : Kindred

Marksman 了解更多>>

Marksman deal damage from long range using hand-crafted rifles.
Boom Headshot!
Diffuculty : ★★★★☆          Available Races : Dwarves

Protector 了解更多>>

Protectors are conjured from stone. They worship Tytan and Solarien.
Every Stoneman feels the urge to protect the land from whence he come.
Diffuculty : ★★★☆☆          Available Races : Stonemen