DH Patch Notes 0.43.0 [19/03/2024]

New Map - Order Highland Unlocked  

  • New Daily Quest : Highland Out of Order added!
    - With New Rewards Including Khaos Keys.
  • Khaos Treasure Chests avaible all over Order Highlands with 20hr cooldown per use

Dragoon Changes Bug Fixes:

  • Class Skill
    -Skill [Dragonfang Lunge] cast speed has been reduced to 0.5 and Move to target effect speed increased.
  • Sleet
    -Talent Skill [Freezing Touch] adjusted casting range 18 meters
    -Talent [Advanced Ice Seal] to enable talent skill [Tranquil Entity] casting immunity against controlling effects fixed.
  • Bleak
    -Talent Skill [Elegy] instant cast now so the Move Forward effect can work.

Event Changes:

  • Event Quest : Dragon Siege now requires 1000 mobs and can be done 30 times a day
  • Event Dragon Boss Pool Adjusted, including addition of Brand New Boss!

General Bug Fixes

  • Vote Boxes Fixed to now Reward Random amounts of Heart Gold!
  • Fixed a Bug where Select 110 Legendary boots were not giving intended stats.
  • HR10 Heal Gears for (bard/vampire/warden) : Set Bonus Fixed to now require 6 pieces.
  • Hell Road Fixed For Bleak Dragoons.
Posted at: 31.03.2024
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