DH Patch Notes 0.22.0 [Class Changes : Mage]


The much needed class changes for Mage are now live!  A full list of all change notes can be viewed below: 

•/ Frost Mage

   •/ [Ice Shield] now increases your Attack based on your Water Mastery.
   •/ Dyos' Nature and Nyos' Nature effect at 75 energy to increase [Ice Spike] base attack damage based
      on Water Mastery starts to count from 1 point, and each point of Water Mastery now increases base
      attack damage by 0.04%.
   •/ [Ice Edge] Base Attack changed from 100% to 150%.

•/ Fire Mage

   •/ [Fire Shield] now increases your Attack based on your Fire Mastery.
   •/ [Fire Shield] at 100 points of Dyos and Nyos Fervor Energy, now increases your Crit Chance by an
      additional 10%.
   •/ [Fire Shield]'s extended talent [Reflex Mirror] is adjusted to now reduce Accuracy by 6 per level,
      and can stack up to 5 layers. Additionally, its duration is now set to 6 seconds.
   •/ [Fire Shield] now directly gives 40 Mastery per level (120 at max talent), instead of stacking
      up per level of damaged absorbed.
   •/ The talent [Evoke] has been adjusted to now increase your Crit Damage by 5% per stack, and can
      stack up to 10 layers.
   •/ The bonus base damage to [Fireball], [Rage of Demons], and [Flame of Fury] from the talent
      [Breath of Inferno] has now been increased from 10% x 3 to 15% x 3.
   •/ [Spark Burst] casting time has been reduced from 5 seconds to 4 seconds.
   •/ The talent [Destruction]'s effect to lower target's Crit Dodge on AOE Crits, has been changed
      to now lower Crit Defense by the same amount. Additionally, it can now be stacked twice.
   •/ [Fire Ball] base Attack damage has been reduced from 125% to 115%.

•/ Lightning Mage

   •/ Removed the effect granted at 100 energy of Wisdom Dyos' and Nyos, where [Thunder Tempest]
      gains a 20% Crit Dodge boost. The Effect now grants [Purgatory of Lightning] a 20% base
      Attack boost.
   •/ [Purgatory of Lightning] base attack damage changed from 60% to 70%.
   •/ [Purgatory of Lightning] base casting time changed from 2 seconds to 2.5 seconds.
   •/ [Purgatory of Lightning] is now immune to controlling effects. pls note the skill wont be able
      to cast while [Ice barrier] is active.
   •/ [Streak of Lightning] base casting time is lowered from 2 seconds to 1.5 seconds.
   •/ [Streak of Lightning] base Attack damage is changed from 150% to 175%.
   •/ [Natures Fury] base Attack damage is changed from 160% to 175%.
   •/ [Natures Fury] base cooldown is now set to 10 seconds.
   •/ [Natures Fury] now has a 40% chance to stun the target for 2 seconds on the second hit.
   •/ The talent [Wind Blast] has been adjusted to increase the chance of [Natures Fury] to stun by
      20% per level.
   •/ The effect granted at 40 energy of Dyos' Wisdom for each stack of [Dyos Thunder] has been
      increased from 1% Crit Damage to 3% Crit Damage. Additionally, it now increases Crit Chance

      by 1%.
   •/ [Sinister Force] base cooldown is now set to 120 seconds.
   •/ [Sinister Force] base casting time has been changed from 3 seconds to 1.50 second.
   •/ [Sinister Force]'s extended talent [Dark Contract] now increases your Crit Damage by 15% per level.
   •/ [Sinister Force]'s extended talent [Sinister Constriction] now reflects an effect that lowers all
      Masteries and all Resistances by 10, upto 5 Stacks.
   •/ The [Thunder Tempest] buff now requires 5 stacks of [High Voltage] to take effect.

Posted at: 29.03.2023
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