[Homecoming Expansion Patch Notes]

> Hero Rank 5 Gears are Unlocked and upgrade items will drop in Raids.
> Hero Rank 4 Gears are now Free.
> Score Requirement for Arena Season 4 gears are reduced to 2000.
> Reduced required items for golden gears exchange and level 78 Gold accessories are made free.
> Ancient Ruins Battlefield PVP instance unlocked (Availble on Monday/Thursday/Sunday).
> Zodiac And Elemental Bosses Temporarly Disabled.
> Wing charge Level up item [Exile's Feather] added to Evoke/Savitar
> Gender change potion [Identity Potion] added to Evoke/Savitar
> Freedom Harbour Map is unlocked and can be enterd using Nightfall Trackstone.
> Gauntlet of Storms Instance Buffed with New rewards.
> Added 2 New Weekly Quests and 2 New Daily Quests at Evoke/Savitar with Amazing Rewards.
> 2 New Titles Added To Evoke/Savitar and Avari.
> More Cosmetics unlocked!